How to create a Binance Account and rules to verify Binance Account properly.

Binance account

Assalamu Alaikum, 

Friends, how are you all. Hope everyone is well by the grace of Allah.

Friends today in this post I will discuss in detail how you can open a Binance Account .

Binance is the world's largest crypto exchange platform. Binance is a platform through which you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, exchange, trade, etc. Today you will know the detailed discussion on how to open a Binance account.

🔵 What is Binance?

Binance is currently one of the world's largest and most popular crypto exchanges, powered by its own blockchain. With this exchange, you can trade one crypto to another crypto via USDT and also transfer to another crypto exchange or wallet.

This Binance Exchange was founded in 2017 by a Chinese man named Changpeng Zhao who later became a Canadian citizen. He launched the exchange in the Cayman Islands. It has become the world's most used exchange since its launch.

Binance Exchange allows you to trade in a peer to peer (P2P) system. Where you can buy and sell any type of coin. If you have 1 Bitcoin, and you want to convert it to your country's currency and withdraw or send it to your bank account, then you must take the help of P2P trading.

You can also buy NFT Tokens in addition to Cryptocurrencies from Binance Exchange. Generally NFT is a kind of virtual digital asset like cryptocurrency, whose full name is Non-Fungible Token.

🔵 What is Binance Wallet?

After buying any cryptocurrency it is very important to keep it safe. He needs a crypto wallet there. Currently there are many trusted wallets in the world. Binance Wallet is one of the most popular wallets in the world.

All the wallets of the popular crypto Binance in the world are also very good and profitable, where of course, you can safely store the purchased cryptocurrency for a long time.

🔵 Account type to create on Binance:

Depending on the operations we want to perform, there are three levels of user accounts.

🟡 Basic Account:

When we register with Binance, the basic account is activated, which allows cryptocurrency deposits without limits and withdrawals of up to 2 BTC per day. All withdrawals add up to 2 BTC per day regardless of cryptocurrency withdrawals. We can use the rest of the centralized exchange functions without problems.

🟡 Intermediate Account:

To reach this level, we must undergo an identity verification process, or what is equivalent, pass the KYC-AML process. This process is based on uploading a national identity document and facial recognition photo.

It is activated, once the identity is verified, deposits and withdrawals are made in fiat currency, with a limit of $50 per day or $500 per month. Cryptocurrency deposits are always unlimited, but cryptocurrency withdrawals are always limited to 100 BTC per day, regardless of cryptocurrency. Additionally, access to LPD, OTC and the ability to claim Binance VISA cards are provided.

🟡 Advanced Account:

This is the same process as the intermediate level, but an identity verification is added, based on uploading an invoice or receipt that shows our data and address.

It offers the same benefits as the intermediate tier, only the deposit and withdrawal amounts change. In this case, we can withdraw and/or deposit up to $200 per day and up to $2 million per month.

🟣 Binance Account Opening Rules:

👉 First click on this link to register:

Account Link

👉 A page like below image will appear in front of you here you will see 3 options:

1. Sign up with phone or email. Or

2. Continue with Apple. Or

3. Continue with Google.

👉 You open the account with the first option, it's easy, but you can open the account with the other two options if you want.

👉 To create an account, give your email, strong password and then give the referral ID 371814735. (Of course, if you open the account by clicking on this link, the referral ID will be given automatically.) Check out the picture-

👉 Then tick the below terms of service and privacy policy and click on Create account.

👉 A verification code will be sent to your mail. Enter the code here.

👉 From here you will be asked some questions you can skip them or answer them if you want. Note that you will select your own country. If you make a mistake, the account will not be verified. Select your currency USD.

👉 Your Binance account registration is complete. You will be notified by email shortly that your Binance account has been created. The Binance account you created is currently in Unverified status. This account needs to be verified now.

🟣 Binance Account Verification Rules:

👉 To verify your Binance account you will be given a link in the welcome mail, click on the link and enter the apps and download the Binance apps.

👉 After entering the app, a page like this will appear. By clicking on the man icon above and entering your profile, you will get the option to verify where it says Unverified.

👉 Now click on the unverified text. You can see your identity verification form.

🟡 Identity verification form can be verified in three ways:

🔵 Basic,

🔵 Intermediate,

🔵 Advanced.

The method of verification is given in the following three rules:

🔵 Binance Account Basic Verification Rules:

❣️ Select your Country instead of Basic Information, give the first part, second part, middle part of your name according to your ID card, give your date of birth.

❣️ In place of Basic Verification you click on Continue with your City Address, Post Code, City.

❣️ Now your basic verification is complete. You will receive a mail to confirm that basic verification has been completed.

🔵 Binance Account Intermediate Verification Rules:

❣️ Select your country first while doing intermediate verification.

❣️ Now select the ID card, passport, driving license that you want to verify the account by showing.

❣️ Once the ID card has been selected, take a picture of the front and back of the ID card and click on continue.

❣️ Now you need to take a selfie to verify the account. Take a selfie in a well-lit area.

❣️ Now a frame will be opened to verify your face, place your face in the frame and move it around, blink your eyes.

If everything goes well, your Binance account will go into processing for Intermediate verification. Intermediate may take maximum one to two days to verify.

❣️ First you click on continue with your country, post code and city address.

❣️ Now you take a photo of your bank statement, gas bill, electricity bill, water bill paper and click on confirm.

❣️ If everything is fine, it will review within 10 days and let you know whether your account has been verified or not.

💥 Click here to open Binance account.

But friends, for freelancers it is best to use account with intermediate verification. Binance's advanced features do not require advanced verification. Advanced features can be used with basic verification. With Advanced Verify only limit transactions are increased.

Friends, so far today. Everyone will be well, healthy and beautiful.

Allah Hafez.

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