What is the OpenSea App? How to account on OpenSea? How to create and sell NFT on OpenSea? Detailed discussion about everything.


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Currently the popularity of nft is increasing along with the popularity of cryptocurrencies. From 2021, NFT's popularity continues to grow exponentially. Many people around the world earn a lot of money by selling digital art, videos, photos, etc. through NFT.

There are various NFT marketplaces for creating, buying and selling NFTs; Such as OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, NBA Top Shot Marketplace, Rarible, SuperRare etc. By going to these marketplaces you can create and buy NFTs very easily.

You can earn income by buying and selling your own art, photos, videos, etc. on these popular NFT marketplaces.

Today I will discuss in detail about OpenSea, the most popular marketplace to buy and sell nft in this post. Here you can find out today what is opensea? How to account on opensea app or website and how to create and sell NFT here.

First we will discuss the opensea application, which is an NFT related application. Through which you can track your NFTs and keep track of new NFTs. We are going to discuss about such an application today, let's start without further ADO.

🔵 Application name: (OpenSea App)


The OpenSea application is a well-rated app on the Google Play Store. Currently this application has been installed more than 1 million times. This application has got 4.7 points on Google Play Store.

🟡 What is OpenSea?

OpenSea is an American online based non-fungible token abbreviated as NFT marketplace. NFT means a unique modern identification medium, which cannot be duplicated or replaced or subdivided. This is recorded in the blockchain. Its genuine and original ownership can be verified from there.

OpenSea is headquartered in New York City. This company was established in 2017. You can trade in NFTs through the app and also find a huge marketplace of NFTs with the latest NFTs. From where you can collect NFT of your choice very easily.

🟡 How OpenSea works?

Suppose, your friend created an NFT and he wants to sell this NFT. Now your friend can post it for sale on the OpenSea Marketplace. Also you can easily buy any NFT of your choice or your friend's NFT from there.

There are also many other features. For example, you can organize your favorite NFTs in the form of a profile, and you can also keep track of new NFTs through the new marketplace. You can save your favorite NFTs in the form of favorites list. New NFT filters can be found by searching. You can also search by category or name and even manufacturer specific NFTs via Unicode.

🟣 Features of OpenSea app: 


👉 Home:

After launching the application you will see some NFTs list in the form of news feed in the home option. which are arranged in different categories; For example: art, music, domain name, trading cards, collectibles, sports, utilities etc. Also Notable drops, Trading collections, Recent rockets, Hot item, Expiring soon. There are some categories called New top seller where you can find specific based NFT.

👉 Status:

Here you will see two options, Ranking and Activity, then you can find a specific NFT by selecting different categories from the Ranking option, then All category option. Also if you want you can find specific chain based NFT from All chain option next to it. You can find Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn, Solana chain based NFTs in All Chain option. You can also find the desired one by filtering specific NFTs from the volume option.

👉 Search:

You can easily find the desired NFT by searching, you just need to search by typing the name of the NFT or the name of the person who created it or the name of the platform from which it was created.

👉 Profile:

Just like every person has their own profile on social media, everyone has their own profile on OpenSea. This profile is identified by Ethereum address ie each profile has its own Ethereum address. You must have an Ethereum address to open a profile. With which OpenSea account should be opened. And this address will be the unicode or identity carrier of that profile. Which can be easily identified by the said address. Also you can choose profile name of your choice. We will discuss in detail later how to open a profile in OpenSea.

👉 More:

From here you can know about OpenSea platform here in About section they have various information about themselves also they have their own OpenSea blog from where you can get regular updates through various articles about OpenSea. Also there is help center, from where you can get any kind of help related to Open even their communities like twitter instagram youtube, discord, reddit, get regular updates.

🔵 How to open OpenSea account?

After installing the OpenSea application from the Google Play Store, open it and go directly to the profile option. Then you will see three options like Meta musk, Trust wallet and Enter Ethereum address. Also there are many more options in the web version of OpenSea. You can also account directly from the web version of opensea. Because OpenSea web version is required to create and sell nft.

From here you can open account through any one. If you want to open an account with an Ethereum address, then you will need an Ethereum address. You can collect Ethereum address from Metamask account. For this you need to have an account on Metamask. Click here to know what Metamask is and how it works. After collecting your Ethereum address from Metamask, bring it to Enter Ethereum address and open C account will be created. Or if you do it with a browser, it will be done by connecting with Metamask. Then you can change the name of the profile from the browser.

🔵 How to purchase or buy NFT?

After selecting an NFT of your choice, click on it to get detailed information about that NFT. The first thing you will see is how many people created this NFT or its Owner. Then you will see its current price. Next you will see the name of the platform or the person who made it.

If you scroll down a little, you can know about this NFT from the About collection in the Details option. Also from Properties option you can know what amount has been used. From the Details option, you can know its Contact address, Token ID, which blockchain it is created from such as whether it is created from Ethereum Blockchain or Polygon Chain and whether its Metadata is centralized or decentralized. Price history is very important. You can find out what was the past price of this NFT. Then you will know whether you should buy this NFT or not. If you want to buy NFT, you can't buy it from the app. For this you need to go to the website by clicking on opensea.io option. After visiting the website, you will see two options called Buy now and Make offer. You can buy it directly from Buy Now. You can offer any price from Make offer. Note that there will be some time given on these options i.e. during this period the NFT will have to be purchased at this price.



Let me tell you an important information, buy NFT only from verified account. Only those with a blue tick next to them are safe to take.

🔵 How to create or make NFT?

If you want to generate NFT you have to use the web version. After logging in OpenSea account from mobile browser or desktop browser, click on Create option. After clicking you will be asked some information to fill them. For example, first you need to upload the NFT file you have created in the form of image, video, audio or 3D model. Then the name of the place should be given. It can be any name. You can connect External Link through which link you can find this NFT. Then write something about this NFT in Description. If you want, you can make changes in these options Properties, Levels, Status, Unlockable content, Expect and sensitive content. Then select the blockchain you want to build on. Then click on Create option. Then your NFT will be created.




🔵 How to sell NFT?

You cannot sell NFT from the app. That's why you must go to the OpenSea website.

For this you will find a three dot menu in the NFT you created. If you click there, you will get the sell option. Here you can sell NFT in different categories. If desired, the time period can be extended and it will be added to the sale option by clicking on the Complete listing option by specifying the price at which you want to sell it. One thing to note here is that whenever you go to sell an NFT there is a gas fee that varies from chain to chain.

🔵 Why to use OpenSea and why not?

If you are knowledgeable about NFTs then you already know that NFTs are the future. With this, in the future people will be more interested in buying and selling various things with digital cards as we see today. If you can use it then you can expect good things in future. Also if you are not aware about it then know it first. What is it? And how does it work? Is it right for you? etc.

🟡🟡🟡 Special note: Before you use any platform, you must know all the privacy policies of that platform well, it will be very beneficial for you to use that platform.

Hope you got to know more about OpenSea nft platform and how to buy d sell nft from today's article.

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